Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hello My Name Is Doris, Audrie&Daisy, Outlaw Film Festival & August Movie Club

I found my favorite movie of 2016 so far, and her name is Doris.  Click on this link for my review.

#HelloMyNameIsDoris is available on DVD and streaming and is HILARIOUS.  You do not want to miss it!

I also want to plug #OutlawFilmFest2016 which is right around the corner.  This 4 day festival kicks off 11/2/16 in downtown St. Joseph.  On 11/4/16 the festival will hold a screening of the #Netflix documentary #Audrie&Daisy with proceeds being donated to the St. Joseph YWCA.  Daisy Coleman and her family will be in attendance for panel discussions. 


For more information about our film festival, follow @outlawfilmfest on facebook & twitter, and check out all the events at

I also want to invite local movie lovers to our August Movie Club - August 30 - we are meeting at Chili's in St. Joe at 6pm and then heading over to Hollywood Regal 10 to catch War Dogs & Pete's Dragon.  You can get all the details @take2review on facebook.

Happy Weekend everyone!!

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